Timefounder. Docs with details about the project and the devs. We have developed the first value accounting app that works with trello.


The pain we solve

The delicious solution

What is Value accounting

Create account (value accounting with Trello)

Tumaka (TIme tracking for timefounder Chrome extension)



The pains we solve.

Timefounder was born for solving main pains from us as entrepreneurs:

  • New ways to fund project using time as asset.

  • Problems between founders about shares.

  • Legal costs of stock options and other equity distribution systems.

  • Value proposition for all stakeholders.

The delicious solution

If you use Timefounder rools and tools you will find that you can fund your project giving shares of the project to all stakeholders, you will reduce conflict between founders, you will be able to manage project tasks in a agile way and you will be able to visualize the pie and the ranking of contributors of a project.

Timefounder is the perfect solution for easy manage your project, tasks, rewards and shares distributions. Timefounder is also a knowledge management tool that empowers team working in a decentralized and async mode.

Each team define the things that have to be donne , tracks value contributions form community members and rewards with shares with a value accounting app that will help the team visualize how the pie of the shares of the project are splited according this value contributions.

Inside this doc you will find info about Timefounder's project but also about the app we have developed to use trello as value accounting and the Tumaka chrome extension that will allow you to track time inside your trello comments in order to help you track the time invested on projects.

You only have to write the Timefounder's units you are willing to give to someone for their value contribution.


The Web 3.0 is accelerating the democratizations of business like DeFi projects UniSwap and Were a DAO is created with all the rules of the share pools for different stakeholders, and how this pools will be distributed. Governance Token are then distributed according the smart contract rules and the value contributions.

Defining bonus for early contributors that add value at early stages of the project were there is more risk.

If we analyze the Uniswap case , we can see that what they did was a retroactive value accounting audit in order to define a tokenomics model were, according to a set of value contributions defined by the Uniswap Team, they launch a set of rules in the form off a DAO.

With case you can read that from the launch of the rules of the project the 100% of governance tokens are given to the stakeholders community so the project is owned by the holders of their governance token.

Digital cooperativism in form of DeFi projects are starting to use Dapps and Daos for a better development of Community owned projects.

This new way to organize needs new tools and @ Timefounder we have been doing research and development the last 6 years and the delicious solution is using the Timefounder mix:

  • Tokenomics models for ways to fund you project.

  • Dynamic equity split system for solving problems between founders is the main cause of failure of companies.

  • Value accounting for reduce legal costs of stock options and other equity distribution systems.

  • T:F Value tokens for Smart ways to rewards stakeholders

We are talking about creating projects defining models of reward to all value contributions.

For community owned projects not only investors are needed but experts, advisors, users, clients, providers. A set of stakeholders that we should care about and define ways to allow them be de co owners of our projects.

Thanks to smart contracts and DAOS, DeFI new projects are opening the door to start to offering a good service to solve all the pains we all face when we want to fund our project. Welcome to TimeFounder.

Read this doc for learn how to signup and use.

Try Timefounder's value accounting app

Try Timefounders time tracker: Tumaka. Soon.

What is Timefounder?

Timefounder is a Community owned project that offers apps and tools for communities, fairshare companies, platform coops projects, dynamic agreements, reduce risks of fairshare distributions between stakeholders and Decentralized communities , DAO's and teams that want to take profit form the Community owned culture is going mainstream thanks to projects like Uniswap, or Mondragón.

We are a community of developers, product developers and business developers that wanted to fund a way to work in projects they love and get a fairshares of them according to your value contributions.

We have developed a set of web 2.0 and web 3.0 tools ( web app, chrome extensions, blockchain integrations) that allows you to use your Trello boards to track value contributions of members to projects. as database and project management tool. value accounting dashboard.

Tumaka Chrome extensión for time tracking that connects with Trello.

This set of tools make possible to have a value accounting system for your projects , DAOS's, startups and companies to apply dynamic equity split systems and smart contracts for managing the value accounting shares of the projects.

When you work with knowledge workers time is the valuable asset to track.

Timefounder makes easy to, reward, track and visualize the Pie of the project.

Value accounting shares are the fairshares each of the stakeholders deserve for their value contributions.

Timefounder makes easy to track not only economic value contribution ( investors) but also workers, clients and users value contributions making easier to define a way to reward al Stakeholder.

AFairsharesmodel can be easily applied from the first moment using Timefounder value accounting

We know that with a smart tokenomics + a DAO for the smart contracts evolution + Timefounder we can offer the best user experience for project founders to fund their projects the smart and fair way.

How works in 1 minute

To use Timefounder you use Trello as usual to track projects, tasks, teams...

Inside each card from your Trello board, you only have to write the number of shares ex: 5000 T:F's with this specific formatting rule ( Number of Shares T:F's ) and we will add this accounting value to the dashboard from the Trello board list you want to visualize with Timefounder.

Write the shares that the card members earn with this card task.

The member of the Trello Card will receive this shares at his/here value accounting balance!.

When you press save the contribution is added at the list of rewarded cards.

5.000 Shares rewarded for @garito.

And this is the view of Timefounder value accounting.

What is the number 58.060 that appears at the right of the name of the board?

Project name, total numer of shares and Trello board-list name.

This number is the total number of shares that have been given to contributors. Is th result of the sum of all shares given at the list cards we have choose at step 4.

What is value accounting?

Value accounting is a way to track all value contributions to a project.

Value contributos ranking

This may include all kind of values that we may define like valuable for our project. Can be work done, advice, resources, cash...

It's useful to visualize how a fairshares split should done. It also can be used for engage stakeholders to keep adding value to get more shares.

As value accounting, we are talking about accounting shares no legal shares but we can also help you with the next devs to get ERC20 and BEP20 Token fairshares if you wish to.

User cases and examples section for more info.

Create account

We have created this version of timefounder for Trello so in order to use Timefounder first you must have a Trello account and link it to your account.

Step 1 create Timefounder's account.

Go to and sign up clicking the link i have no account

Click the "I have no account" link to create account

One you click the link a Register Page will appear. Write email and password and press the Sign me in button

write email and password and press the button.

Next you go back to the Login page. Enter with your loguin and password and press the Log me in button

Step 2 Connect with your Trello account

Now click at the button at the right of the Token field to connect your Timefounder account with your Trello account.

Log in to you Trello account entering your email and password.

A Trello page will open asking you to allow Timefounder to connect with your Trello account.

Press the allow button at the bottom of the page.

Last step. press the login button at the end of this page

A page with your Trello API token will appear. Copy that token.

Paste the token at the Tokens field from Timefounder's configuration page, you must have in a browser Tab and press Save.

Congratulations your setup is donne!. Now you can use Trello as a value accounting app, to track all value contributions froom team members to a project and visualize how shares are distributed among team members.

Step 3 Choose Board

Now you can visualize you value accounting charts. The first step is schose the Board you want to view. Chose it form the list,

Step 4 Choose List

Next choose the list form the board you want to visualize.

Timefounder's Value accounting view.

And here we are.

Now you should view a empty view like this:

It only appears the Trello's board name. a green 0 and the T:F logo at the right side of the screen

  • The Board name can be edited pressing the disk icon at the left of the name.

  • The green 0 is the number of shares that exist for the project list.

  • The Right menu allows to surf the profile & config pages for timefounder app.

It's empty because you need to add the shares rewards for each card of the list you want to visualize using

At the How It works section we will explain you how assign value shares to cards. This will make possible to visualize de Timefounder chats and rankings.

This is the view for the value accounting fo Ethereum Beta Founders Rewards list using Timefounder. Keep reading to discover how it works.

How works

One you have done the setup process you can use your trello account as usual and only have to follow this rules in order to have your Project Pie and contributors ranking of trello projects you want to use.

The idea is very simple. You have to add the number of shares you asign to the members of each card.

So what you do is that when someone finish a task you add the numbers of shares writting at the description field the number of shares, that we call Timefounder Shares (T:F's)

Each share represent a slice of the pie of the project. The more slices you have the biggest pie share you have. Welcome to the value accounting world. The fairshare model for fairshare companies.

Coops, agile teams and startups can use Timefounder to use value accounting for funding their projects and reduce the risk of fights between founders.

Track Contributions

Track contributions if the act of writtting at the desciption field of each donne tasks the numer of shares you assign to the member or members of each card.

What Timefounder does is read the description section of the trello card's looking for the T:F's letters and read the number before this code to use it as the number of shares to assign to the Trello's card member/s.

-> ex 100 T:F's ---> This will give 100 shares to all card members

Apply Multipliers

A multiplier is a function that we use to reward people that add value at initial stages of the project where the risk of failure is higher.

It's typically used to define a bonus strategy for the first rounds

We also read if after the number we find a multiplier with this format: (xMultiplier)

-> ex 100 (x4) T:F's --> This will give 400 shares to all card members

Just enter your Trello Board and keep using it as usual for your project planning and learn how use it to track value contributions and be able to visualize it with

Views and snippets

There are 3 main views at

The Pie

The pie is a real time view of the Pie of the project. How the shares should be splitted. Are like shares of a Pool. The more shares the more pool you have.

The Pie

The Contributors

The contributors is a list of the value contributors with the image, name, number of shares and % of the pool.

The Ranking

The Value contributions

The list of value contributions that give shares to the one's that deliver the requested deliverable.

The value contributions

Tumaka the Timefounders 's Timetracker

When we developed Timefounder, we wanted to do something that includes the tools that can help us easly add what are we doing each moment we are doing something for a project because we know that one of the main problems of the knowledge economy is that we don't account all the value conversations we are having all day long.

Install Tumaka Chrome extensions


That's why we developed Tumaka the Timefonder Timetracker.

Next you will have to press the "add extension button" that will appear.

Once the extensions is installed a popup saying the Tumaka extension has been added.

If you go the the extensions list you can pin the Tumaka extension to havit available all time from your Bookmarks

Use Tumaka

Install Tumaka Chrome extension

Tumaka first app is a Chrome extension. So for use it you have to use Chrome Browser. In few days it will be available for install at Chrome Store. Tumaka is connected with your Timefounder's account and also with the Projects you have created using Trello list form your boards.

To install tumaka go to the extensions page and get into the store. Look for Tumaka and install it.

Once you have Tumaka installed you have to sign in using you Timefounder's login and password.

Is important to understand that for creating a project with a Trello Board inside Timefounder what you have to do is edit the name of the project and save it.

This will create a Timefounder project using your Trello boards.

login Tumaka page

Use Tumaka

Tumaka is very easy to use. You have 2 main pages the main page and the card page.

The main page allows you to choose the project and card you are going to focus on and start the counter.

Once the counter starts you can start working on the issue.

You can stop and start the counter all the times you want.

When you finish to work in the item you save the data pressing the save button.

When you press the save button Tumaka will post a comment at the card with all the timings tracked.

This will help you track the time invested in all your activities in order to add it to your value accounting Trello cards.

User case and example

Comando Molekulon´s Pie

The Comando Molekulón is a transmedia project where a group of creatives develop music, comics, videos, videogames etc.

Comando Molekulón has been using Timefounder value accounting app since the beginning of their activities.

Comando Molekulon's contributors by shares

Thanks to that they have a real time fairshares chart a ranking page and the details of where the value comes from.

Comando Molekulón's list of value contributions